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Super Smash Flash 2 is an awesome Action video game that will blow your mind from the first time you get to play it. Published by McLeodGaming, this fantastic video game is for anyone who loves to try a complication of different iconic video games. If you do not believe us, let us take you through a tour to explore everything you need to know about this superb video game Super Smash Flash 2!

About game:

If you have known about some of the characters in Super Smash Flash 2, then you must have had a wonderful childhood. In this video game, McLeodGaming brings in multiple iconic characters such as Mario Bros, Zelda, Kirby, Ichigo and even more. In Super Smash Flash 2, all these characters gather in order to fight for the first place and decide who should be the most powerful one.

Super Smash Flash 2 is the remarkable upgrade from its predecessor – Super Smash Flash. The game allows you to take the role of one character out of the list of several ones and start your own adventure. You can either start the game in different modes such as Solo, Group and Online. The Solo mode opens up another four exciting modes. Super Smash Flash 2 even enables you to have Training time before you start the game with the Training station. Once you are bored with fighting foes to advance in the Classic option, you can seek for more challenges in Events option.

Among 30+ characters, who would you choose to be your hero in the game world of Super Smash Flash 2?.  Do not forget that you can easily manage the difficulty of the gameplay before each battle. This game is even more than an Action video game, which focuses on fighting element. Once the history calls your name, you know you are such a legendary fighter!

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How to play:

Use the mouse cursor to make options.

Press Spacebar to enter one battle.

Press w a & s d to move.

Press u, o and p to attack.

Press i to make a shield.

Tips and tricks:

You do not have to make an effort to beat your opponent until he or she loses all energy away. Try pushing them until they fall out of the abyss. It is an easier way and you will not be fear of losing too much energy.

Since the game provides you with various fighters, you should try every character that the game offers to have a wiser thought on what character fits you the most.

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